Gondola shelving, is a common type of display shelving which is used in most retail businesses that are open to the general public. Retail shelving comes in many colors,however, the standard industry color is Almond, which is also known as sahara or platinum (off-white, light beige, tan). On occasion we do have black shelving, white, and grey.

CONDITION OF USED shelving. On a conditional scale of 1-10, with 10 being like new, at the very least we promise a minimum of a 6. Typically, the shelving we ship out on a day to day basis is a 7, sometimes an 8. There will be some minor scratches, dings, and dents that come associated with the day to day usage, as well as the result of dismantle of it.We only sell USED shelving, and we pass that savings on to you.....not only do we save you money, but we can usually ship within days, saving you a lot of time. We keep thousands of sections in stock.

We do not sell junk shelving, neither is it in bad condition. Some minor rusting might be present in internal components that are not seen to the naked eye, as the manufacturer does not always coat the internal pieces the same as they do the parts that are seen. We have two processes to ensure you get what you pay for. When we dismantle the shelving from its original location, we discard any pieces with holes, rusted, banged up, or that fall below our promise of it being a minimum of a 6 on our conditional scale. Secondly, our cleaning and preparation procedures provide an added level of review and quality control.

You can expect a great quality shelving. All external pieces will be matching in color. We spend hours, sometimes days cleaning each and every piece in each order making sure they arrive at your door step in as good of a condition as we can get it. All stickers, tags, advertisements are removed from the shelving, so that it's ready to assemble the moment you receive it.

So no matter if your remodeling an existing store or opening a new store call us 713-455-0700 we can get a quote with shipping into your hands within minutes. If you are confused and need help about what size, depths, and heights, speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representative who can give you advise on how you want your store layout 713-455-0700.